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Registration is now open for the for the Fall 2022 youth football season.

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The legendary Greyhounds are back on the gridiron

Eric Stuart

Greyhounds Founder

Diversity is a power in itself

Nikaria Luckey

President, GFC

Greyhounds are synonymous with speed

John Moses

Vice President, GFC


The season starts july 25, 2022

Greyhounds are fielding football teams for boys 6 years old and under, 8 years old and under, 10 years old and under, and 12 years old and under. We also are providing a cheerleading program for girls 6-12 years old. 

The upper limit for the age groups are based on a birthdate cutoff of July 31. For example, a player who is 8 years old on July 31 ahead of the Fall football season can play 8U, even if they turn 9 in August, September, or November. If another player were to turn 9 in July, they would not be eligible for 8U, but would play 10U.

As a NorCal AYF team, the Greyhounds will typically play an 8-game regular season schedule against foes from around the Bay Area, followed by local playoffs and regional and national postseason opportunities. You can learn more about AYF at

Our Home Field is Palo alto High School

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A hungry dog
hunts best

That’s our team motto. And we seek to help our athletes find the internal fire and fortitude to take life on, at full speed.


Hard Work

Greyhounds raise the bar on effort and endurance. They are dedicated, driven, and disciplined in achieving their goals. And when things get difficult they are gritty, tough, and resilient.


Greyhounds foster a sense of family. They value community: strength in numbers and strength in diversity. With a pack mentality, they remain devoted, dependable, and loyal.


Greyhounds take a modest view of their own importance and are respectful of others and the game, at all times. They put the team above the individual, but never lose sight of their own growth, staying open-minded, instructable, and accountable.


Greyhounds are full of energy and life. They operate in a fast, free, energetic, electric, and spirited manner. When circumstances change, they are adaptable and opportunistic.


Greyhounds believe in themselves, rely on their teammates, and trust their coaches. They are powerful, unintimidated, and bold. And in the face of adversity, they remain positive and coolheaded.


Our stories

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About us


Eric Stuart started the East Palo Alto Greyhounds track club in 2005. Over the years, he added football and cheerleading programs. He was serving an underprivileged community and giving youth a chance to build fitness, friendships, and skills, as well as to find role models and to compete. The program experienced great success and developed many student-athletes who went on to college, olympic, and professional careers. The pandemic and other factors resulted in the discontinuation of the program, which has been dormant for 3 years, and now it’s time to bring it back.


A Board of Directors has been formed to lead and build a new non-profit organization called the Greyhounds Football Club (GFC). This club will serve both the East Palo Alto and the Palo Alto communities, and surrounding areas, drawing youth from both sides of the 101 Freeway. It will leverage the proud history and strong community reputation to attract local athletes while also taking advantage of the facilities, amenities, and sponsors that can be found in the vicinity of Palo Alto. Practices and games will be played at the renowned Palo Alto High School, and the new Greyhounds Football Club will do what it can to prepare talented future student-athletes for  local high school  football programs.


The introduction of a new Club with an exciting brand, storied history, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced coaching staffs can help meet unmet needs and provide structure, growth, and opportunities for countless kids. Our goal will be to promote fitness through sport, and to bring that to every child–even if they need financial assistance or help with logistics. We will encourage a deep sense of self-awareness and self-care; and offer young athletes of all abilities and identities with a rich context for experiencing challenge, adversity, failure, and success that will contribute to a lifetime of health and well-being.